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alt David is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. His family has produced 3 generations of boxing champions. David began competing at the age of 10 weighing in at 70 lbs. He was trained by his father, Frankie Douglas a former Golden Glove Champion and Kenny Loehr a USA Team Coach.

He later joined the Army, 101st Air Borne/Air Assault Infantry Division, where he continued boxing under the supervision of Olympic Coach Pat Nappi, earning him a spot on the All-Army and USA teams.David moved to Texas where he had a brief stint as a professional, training under the tutelage of Texas legend “Papa” Joe Barrientes, and former World Champion and Hall of Fame inductee Curtis Cokes.

In the mid 90’s, David was introduced to Mixed Martial Arts by Guy Mezger. During this period to present, he continues to study the striking and defensive strategies as they apply to MMA. David has assisted in preparing fighters for Golden Gloves, UFC, Pride and KOTC, and other MMA events.He also founded the Boxing Fitness Program at the world renowned Cooper Fitness Center and Jewish Community Center in Dallas, Texas. When David is not training fighters or conditioning clients he is fulfilling his duties as a

Texas State licensed Boxing / MMA referee and judge.Former Professional Boxer
National AAU Boxing Champion
All Army Boxing Champion
Combat Sports Club Boxing Coach
USA Certified Boxing Coach
35 years of fighting and training experience


alt Christian is a published author (Lucky Bastard) and former Wall St. broker so he has lived "the life." My intent is to help elevate the business so it’s treated and covered with the same respect as Wall Street. There is class in the crass, I’m just trying to navigate through the nonsense. There is plenty of nonsense in the sports/gaming business and Christian often writes from the emotional and psychological perspective of the gambler.

My Comments

"I enjoy many things. I try to not let my fears limit my possibilities. Add to the good & dissolve the bad."

Movies about “The Life”

The Cincinnati Kid (1965) Mean Streets (1973) Green Street Hooligans ( 2005 ) Silver Linings Playbook ( 2012 ) The Gambler (1974) Rounders (1998)


Alan grew up in Montana and has lived most of his adult life in Vegas. He has over 12 years’ experience in the sports betting industry and has done everything from ticket writer to manager. He loves betting NFL Overs, UFC, boxing and finding value in the future markets.

Alan believes the most underrated thing that is capped in the sports world is emotion. He says it has won him much more money than he has lost.

He hopes to see sports betting opened up to the rest of the nation so that the industry can finally evolve and flourish elsewhere.


Frank Hackman comes to Daily Spread by way of the east coast. He is known as a plus money bettor often cashing big money line underdogs in every sport.

In addition to sports Frank is a fixture at racetracks up and down the east coast. He claims to have earned a masters degree at Gulfstream Park. He has also hit multiple Pick 6 tickets over the years. Frank has also made some major scores in the NCAA basketball tournament with futures tickets on Arizona (1997); Syracuse (2003); Villanova (2016) and North Carolina (2017).